Project “PROFESSION and YOU” – Development of new technologies requires lifelong learning

Jun 1, 2021

The professional team and professors from the Karlovac Technical School are working together to draft six formal adult education programs in the mechanical engineering sub-sector. The development of new technologies and the introduction of new machines and devices require constant adjustment and harmonization of the labour force on the labour market. Therefore, in addition to the expert team from the Polytechnic of Karlovac, the Technical Polytechnic of Zagreb and the Public Open University of Zagreb, employers from partner organizations from the Karlovac County and beyond are involved in drafting formal programs.

The expert team, in cooperation with the above stakeholders, drafted formal adult education programs for the CNC machine operator, the CNC milling machine operator and the CNC lathe operator. The development of a program for MAG welders, a program for the product certification and a program for the additive production is in progress.

Open enrolment program: EU Funds Project Manager Training

Open enrolment program: EU Funds Project Manager Training

The promotional price with a 20% discount has been extended until December 17, 2021 OPEN CALL FOR APPLICATIONS for enrollment of students in the adult education program - EU Funds Project Manager Training GENERAL PROVISIONS Applicants can apply and enroll in EU Funds...