Erasmus + ProCEM

In cooperation with its partners, AEI Praxis is implementing the project Promoting VET in computer, electrical / electronic and mechanical engineering to reduce skills mismatch. The total value of the project, which lasts 20 months (from March 1, 2022 to October 31, 2023) is 60,000 euros.

The expected results of the project, which focuses on recognizing the capacity and preferences of pupils and students for technical occupations and their professional guidance, and the promotion of VET in electrical engineering, computer science and mechanical engineering (CEME) are as follows:

  • A multimedia website in Eng, Cro and Ger addressing pupils, students, parents and career counselors, with short video films promoting technical schools and technical occupations in CEME;
  • A concept of a competence check tool focusing on a career path in CEME as well as a concept for a digital self-assessment tool enabling career orientation of primary school pupils and young people;
  • A career counselling concept in the form of a toolbox enabling individual needs-based career guidance for VET students and NEETs.


Program: Erasmus + Small Partnerships, KA 210 VET

Project code: 2021-2-HR01-KA210-VET-000050927


• Croatian Employment Service, Karlovac Regional Office:

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