Erasmus +: New perspectives on knowledge

Minority organizations implementing adult education programs and cultural programs for adults face low interest and low motivation of persons belonging to minorities for non-formal education that would provide them with knowledge, competencies and skills and would have direct impact on their professional opportunities.

The goal of the project “New Perspectives of Knowledge” is to implement the educational process in a period of 14 months. Partner organizations from Croatia and Italy will work on examples of good practice in various forms of non-formal education, improving opportunities for minorities and their access to educational programs, and strengthening the network of international organizations working in the education of impaired persons.

Visits to adult education organizations are envisaged in the framework of the Project: Dante in Rijeka, Adult Education Institute Praxis in Karlovac and the Institute for Minority Research and Training, EURAC, in Italy. Participants will also visit the city of Zagreb where they will learn about the implementation of various educational policies and the involvement of public and non-governmental organizations in the field of adult education.

The Mobility project aims to motivate adult persons belonging to minorities to learn; it aims to improve the quality of education programs, employment, integration of minorities and to improve the institutional capacity of organizations participating in the project.
The duration of the project: June 3, 2019 – August 2, 2020. The value of the project: 66,150 kn.

Erasmus +, KA1 Learning Mobility of Individuals, KA104 Adult Education Staff Mobility

Adult Education Institution Dante Rijeka, Pomerio 23, Rijeka, Croatia,
EURAC Research Institute, Viale Druso 1, Bolzano (Italy),
Adult Education Institution Praxis – College for practical knowledge, Ulica Matka Laginje 1b, Karlovac (Croatia),
City of Zagreb, Trg Stjepana Radića 1, Zagreb (Croatia),