Programs / Management

Accountant Training program

Students will acquire the following competences:

  • apply necessary accounting policies in recognizing, valuing and subsequent measuring of financial position (fixed and current assets, equity and liabilities) and of financial performance (income, expenses, financial result)
  • compare the effects of the application of accounting alternatives on the stated financial position (assets, capital and liabilities) and financial performance (income, expenses, financial result)
  • select the most favourable accounting policies that ensure a reliable and accurate presentation of financial positions (assets, capital and liabilities) and financial performance (income, expenses, financial result)
  • synthesize information from accounting records into financial statements and prepare an annual income tax return
  • use accounting applications to keep business books.


Program duration and method of implementation

The program lasting 204 hours is implemented through regular classes according to the training schedule. The program includes 45 hours of theoretical classes and 39 hours of exercises. 120 hours of practical classes are conducted in companies engaged in service-, production and trade activities with which the Institute concludes a Business Cooperation Agreement on conducting practical classes according to the curriculum.



  • Accounting regulations
  • Accounting for assets, capital and liabilities
  • Production, trade and financial result accounting
  • Computer accounting
  • Safety at Work
  • Practical work in a manufacturing company
  • Practical work in a trade company
  • Practical work in a service company


Terms of enrollment

Age 18 or over and:

Completed a four-year high school for the profession of economist or commercialist;
Completed any four-year high school and at least two years of work experience in bookkeeping and related jobs, as evidenced by a certificate from the employer and with prior proficiency testing (knowledge test)

Price and terms of payment

Regular price: 17,400 HRK
A 10% discount is granted for employees of the same institutions.
Payment is in two installments, within 7 days of enrollment and 40 days after enrollment.
A 15% discount is granted for a one-time advance payment: discounted price 14,790 HRK